Welcome to the I.I.M – Institute for Inspired Movement and the Eurythmy Training FLOW & U

I.I.M – Institute for Inspired Movement in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a platform for research and training in movements and consciousness. As such it is an extension of the existing eurythmy training. The Institute will serve as an umbrella for various training courses, inspirational and immersion workshops with a wide range of teachers from Denmark and abroad. 

An education for me?

The training is aimed at those who would like to work independently with themselves and the world in a modern context. The I.I.M offers space for artistic-dynamic movement work with a focus on practical application in education, health and self-empowerment.

Eurythmy is

an interdisciplinary art of movement with a strong relationship to language, the word, rhythm, sound, music and – silence.
With eurythmy you can work in many ways:
in education, therapy, curative education, social projects, organizational development and performance.


You want to study eurythmy and get to know the people and methods? Then come and TRY-OUT!
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Eurythmy as a contribution to a new culture for a changing world.
The current time situation calls for a new understanding of the connections between learning and movement.
Children and young people call for new visions of reality.
To train a new generation of teachers.
Come and join us!