Nordic Education Initiative

A Fresh Wind blows from the North!

The founders of I.I.M see themselves as social entrepreneurs, like architects that actively work on shaping the future of society. The foundation stone, the source of the training, we find in the future. The focus is the present. We aim at building up abilities and setting free the potential of the individual, which is needed for eurythmy to be an independent, creative and responsible form of movement, enabling a sustainable profession. We offer this to the world as a culture-transforming element in its manifold ways. Moreover we consciously count with the unexpected, and in spirit-pragmatic ways seize upon original concerns found in our surroundings. We consciously carry the claim of orienting us according to life; but rather we want to develop and offer proposals rooted in reality, proposals of self-schooling as well as spiritual empowerment.

Staying in focus / the main goals of the project:

– To offer professional part-time eurythmy training for beginners and advanced.

– To educate school and Kindergartenteachers, as well as persons who wishes to work in other existing fields of eurythmy, such as eurythmy  therapy or eurythmy in social organizations.

– To open up to new fields for eurythmy, such as in farming, at universities, in families and other cultural activities, dealt with in an entrepreneurial spirit.

– The institute shall be the ‘generator’ for the training as well as the propagator of eurythmy in social life. – To actively deal with the major worldwide lack of eurythmy educators.

– To discuss impulses of thought and deal with the general educational system in order to achieve an alignment in future teaching and learning.